How to Improve your Productivity→


1. Plan your day in advance. That means you can get up and get started right away instead of frittering or wasting time. (Often writing a “to do list” is a useful idea.)

2. Decide on your priorities, and do the most important things first.

3. Also, do the hardest task first. Otherwise, they…


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When someone stands behind you when you’re on computer:


  1. Open up Google.
  2. Type: “How to kill the person standing behind me?


when you dont know what to blog anymore…

these kind of time that eats me.. -_- psh

Kapag ang babae nagsabi ng ayaw, gusto niya talaga.


Pero pag ang lalaki nagsabi ng ayaw, ayaw niya talaga.

“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.”

Sigmund Freud (via psych-facts)

“There are 7 billion people on this planet who I have not met,
and 195 countries I have not visited.
Yet I am stuck in this insignificant town,
Being pressured into making decisions about my future,
When I barely even know who I am.”

Unknown (via psych-facts)
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